Friday, January 2, 2015


The months unraveled day by day
Rhythm of winter, spring, summer, fall.

Births and deaths, beginnings and ends
Dreams that began, others that ceased.

Minutes that crept, hours that flew.
Dependent on the joy and sorrow.

Kaleidoscope of a year, color shifting
The bright and bold easily seen.

Yet quiet, subtle moments easily missed
For time doesn't stop for reflection.

Yet we are created, fashioned, formed
With the ability to stop... focus

See the small, see the grand
See the cascade of life's color

Reflect on the hurt and weariness
Reflect on the wonder and splendor

Reflect on the story we write
As new months unravel once again. 

Shared at Six Word Fridays  


  1. Lucious. I love the kaleidoscope image that runs throughout. I've missed you and your wonderful words!

  2. Great words to put Reflection in perspective. Lovely. :)

    Visiting from Six Words Friday.

  3. Lovely. Wishing you all the best in 2015.


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