Friday, January 6, 2012

Meeting Myself Once Again

Just dipping my big toe back in.
Feeling a bit shy....a bit scared...a bit nervous.
A familiar feeling that always steals over me after an extended break from my blog.
Yes familiar...but still strange.
This blog is a collection of my musings, my thoughts, my life.
Coming back to it is like coming back to myself.
Maybe that's why the hesitation....the nervousness..creeps in.
For I find when I'm away from my writing I am also away from myself.
That deep self that I don't always take the time to see, to touch, to feel.
So on returning I once again am gazing at my deeper self.
The good...the bad...the beauty and the beast.

I've been away because it was a month of needs.
Needs that I needed to meet.
Needs that left me with little energy to expand on myself.
And that's ok.
I feel blessed that I could be there to help my son heal from two surgeries.
I feel blessed that I could be there to smooth some rough waters for my husband.
I feel blessed that I could help create a mood of joy and thankfulness this Christmas.
(and I feel blessed that I could make a trip to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl!)

I'm catching up on some friends. 
Babies have been born, memories have been made, beautiful posts have been created.
I could stay up all night just reading and visiting all those I have missed.
But....morning is already creeping in quietly.
I am teaching a class of Young 5's and a kindergarten class for the next 3 months...hence, I need my sleep.
So...I will take a step toward caring for myself by stepping away from the computer and sleeping.
Knowing that I when I awake....this space will still be here.
I've made the initial connection with  my deeper self once again.
It can only get easier from here on in.
Hello everyone.
Hello anyone if you are still out there.
But regardless of it all...
Hello me.
2012 is going to be a year of wonder.
Let the moments begin.