Monday, September 24, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To.....

I need this poster...giant!
I committed to running a half marathon (yes, that's 13.1 miles) 
next month which is something that wasn't on
ANY bucket list I may have made!
The bad news is that I have not been disciplined in my training.
Life was challenging this summer and I didn't rise to the challenge the way that I would have hoped.
I am heavier than I have been,
and my cardio-vascular resembles...
well, I can't even think of
something to compare it to!!
I am scared.
Yet, I realize that I can use that fear as a motivator.
I still have time to prepare...
watching my eating habits,
preparing my ipod song list,
finding cute running clothes that make my butt and belly look half their size....
You know....The important stuff!!
On a more serious note, I am running to raise money for the
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
The program is called Team In Training, and this group has been a fantastic support system.
My Honored Hero is the sweet, brave son of one of my dearest friends. 
You can read more about him here.
So although I'm stressed and afraid it is nothing compared to what he lived with for years.
I may be crazy.
In fact, as I try to step on that tread mill this morning
I KNOW I'm crazy!
But I've lost my mind for a wonderful cause.
Now I need to find a spot to hang this giant size poster!!
Refrigerator maybe?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

And it goes round and round....

Life is busy.
There is nothing new about that.
There are 24 hours a day.
There is nothing new about that.
I have forgotton to nurture myself.
Sadly, there is nothing new about that.

I've been away from blog. 
Rarely reading, never writing, always guilt ridden.
Feeling guilty that I haven't taken the time.
The time to log on, let my fingers dance on the keys...
my thoughts and dreams recorded here for all time.
I don't have delusions of grandeur.
I know that my blog is mainly for me...
and a few loyal friends who faithfully comment. (Thank you!)
Yet, grand or not this blog is a part of me.
A part that is important yet so easy for me to ignore.
Once I've not written for a while I start to avoid.
Then more time goes by and I still don't write.
The negative self talk begins and so it goes....
Round...and round...and round.

It makes me think of the all the other areas of my life.
The physical, spiritual, and emotional pieces.
I think about how my procrastination has been a theif.
It has stolen time from me by layering on self doubt....guilt.
And the worst part is that I have allowed it.
My life is unfolding and I'm not taking the time to record it.
My life is unfolding and I'm not being in the moment to live it.

I think it's time for that to change.

(Note: Something is wrong with my computer and/or blog. I can't go back to read what I wrote...Only some of my posting options are appearing...and worst of all I can't move the cursor back to edit. Hmmmm....need to figure this out or my posts are going to be all crazy like! I will try not to let it discourage me from posting...but it's strange!)