Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Blog? Really? What's That?

Question:  Has anyone else ever wondered if they are in a foreign country where everyone speaks the same language? The language that you DON'T speak?

Since I have lived in a foreign country and did not speak the language (well, except for the essentials such as "Where is the toilet?", "Half kilo of ground beef please.", or "I'm sorry!) I know that feeling of being dazed and confused.

So the next question is: Why did I ever think I could write a blog? More specifically: Why did I ever think I could write a blog since I didn't speak the language? 

Tonight, I was looking at some blogs where the topic was to compile a list of 10 tips you would give a new blogger.  As I started to read through some of them I was stunned. 
I repeat...stunned!
I really am speaking a different language because I didn't understand over half of what was being said!  

Culture shock!

RSS and Google FriendConnect icons on my page?  Facebook and Twitter buttons to connect? (Hmmm...I have a Facebook but didn't know it connects!)

Blog button?  Do I HAVE a blog button? Is that anything like a belly button?

Memes? Branding? Blog Frog? Klout?
Digg? Technorati? Reddit? Stumble?

Are we still speaking English here?!

The idea to write down some of my thoughts and feelings seemed so much simpler when I started this back at the beginning of the year.  My goal was simply to whatever form that took.
Now, I'm a little worried that I haven't found my "voice".
I'm a blogger that is a bit all over the spectrum. 
Some say that's confusing. 
I prefer to say I'm eclectic.

Seriously, I'm sure the tips I've been reading are (well, at least blog) changing.
I can't wait to implement them.
But first, I need a course on how to speak Blog-ish.
Anyone care to join me?