About Me


I'm Kristi, and I'm very new to blogging.  I have a fantastic husband.  We have 3 teenagers which I still can't believe! Feels like they were just babies, then toddlers, then pre-schoolers, then.....well, you get the idea! 

The teenage years really are like being on a different planet at times. I don't always understand what they're saying or why they're doing things....but I always love them. (Even on the days they're hard to like!)

I used to teach elementary school full time when we were first married. I now substitute in our district; mainly long-term positions.  I get to "pinch-hit" when all those young teachers are out having their babies!  I can work around my schedule so it's perfect for me.

I love to travel, read, write,& have conversations over a cup of tea or a glass of wine....depending on the company and time of day!  I blog mostly about life...my life...and all the changes that time has brought. My posts can be poems, stories, tales about my family, home, decorating, faith...pretty much anything that I feel moved to write about.

I really like to check out new blogs, be inspired, (or just laugh as the case may be!), and leave lots of comments.  I probably don't get to as many blogs as others because I tend to spend a lot of time exploring and leaving long winded comments...but, hey, as least you know I read your 'stuff'.

Hope you stop by again. I'm loving the friends I'm making through this blog...and I LOVE visiting others. Leave a comment or follow so I'll be sure to see you, and I'll share the love back.