Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nightmares to Simplify to Gratitude: A Journey

I've been sitting here...for far too long.
Lost in all the blogs.
Lost in all the snippets of dreams, hopes, laughter, and tears.

But then I look at the clock and realize that time is flying...
and I had big plans for today.
Plans that have yet to materialize since my bottom is oh-so-comfortable in my writing chair.
I hope that if maybe...just maybe...I put those plans out here I will actually get working on them.

Accountability.  It's a good thing.

My house is in disarray.
Actually, our house is crying out to me it is in such disarray.
And actually, I had a dream the other night that I phoned home and my oldest son had adult acquaintances in our home organizing and cleaning it.

It was nightmare...I kid you not!
I woke up mad at my poor son, and with the realization that I would be mortified if people came into our home and started poking around.
A bit like getting in that accident with dirty underwear that mom always warned me about.

Seriously, there is Just. Too. Much.

I don't want to complain for having a life filled with blessings and more than enough when there are others who don't have the near enough with which to live.

But I have to say again that it is Just. Too. Much.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

This quote is going to be my guiding principal today.
I'm going to ask myself, as I sift through the stuff that makes up our life...

Is it something that brings energy to us or takes energy away?

Is it something that I'm truly grateful for...
or is it just more stuff?

I'm going to restore some order to our home with the hope that some order will return to me mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Just. Too. Much.
makes me feel like
Just. Not. Enough.

Not enough energy to keep up,
not enough discipline to accomplish this,
and not enough confidence that I can actually simplify.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

I truly believe this. Now my home needs to reflect it.

I'm diving in...wish me luck!

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  1. I really like this! (I mean, not the nightmare part, obviously!) I never thought of it quite like that...too much making me feel like not enought...very thought provoking! Make sure to visit my blog today...you might be mentioned!

  2. Good luck with that dive, friend! I need to take it, too!

    And I lvoe, love, love that quote! It is perfection. :)

  3. It is so hard staying on top of it all. I find the only way to do it is to dive in head first just like you are!
    Hold that quote close to your heart and you'll always be enough!

  4. So true, so true! I feel like I need that printed out on my fridge for those days where I'm caught up in everything else.

  5. Best of luck! Love this! I need to do the same thing.

  6. Much luck to you.

    I so need to do this, too.

  7. Happy cleaning. I love your perspective on if it brings energy and gratefulness. Our home also needs some love and attention. Sigh.

  8. I can get made at situations and events like playgroup at my house when it needs so much work.

  9. That quote is so good. Thank you.

  10. Aaahhh, I'm stuck to my chair too. I need to move. Thank you for your beautiful spirit Kristi. I love reading your posts and as always, am inspired by your sweet spirit. Have a great day. I'm getting outta here or I'm never going to get anything done. Yikes.


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