Friday, November 11, 2011

Saving Worries

Wrapping my family up in worries
is what I unintentionally always do.

These worries are fully, completely mine.
I hold them tightly, selfishly, desperately.
Thinking that my worries will protect,
save them from any harmful mistakes,
or from all those horrific accidents,
illnesses, and events that fill newspapers.

Worries will not save my family.
Worries will not protect my world.

For when the mistakes come up.
The illnesses suddenly, silently creep in.
Accidents occur because that's just life.
All those worries that I wrapped
become wasted time and lost energy.

Saving them is not my job.
Loving them is my ultimate calling.
For it's by loving them well
they'll have confidence to save themselves.

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  1. I worry about my family too, and I don't share those worries with them either. I feel like if I don't think about all the bad that could happen, I won't be prepared for when it does. Silly, but true.

  2. Still- it's so hard to let go of that worry!

  3. I worry about my family as well. I carry the burden ....just like you...oh well :)

  4. How do you separate worries from being a mom! It's so hard!

  5. I worry that way too! I think as a mom it is just a battle we are always going to have to fight with ourselves to not waste time worrying about the things we have no control over. Beautiful poem! Happy Friday!

  6. Worrying is a part of mommy-ing...So great to save them now but also allow them to learn
    that there's saving and protecting self.

  7. This is so me! And, every other mom, I guess.

  8. Well said! I know worry isn't profitable, but I tend to think my specific worries are exempt. ;) Because I'm planning! Thinking of contingency plans, just-in-case scenarios! But really I'm just worrying.

    Loving well, though, that is worth the effort.

  9. Love your post! thank you for sharing...God bless you...loves soraya

  10. Prepare for the worst
    Hope for the best
    and love well.
    Sounds like a recipe for a good life.
    Besides, as I read somewhere, "Worrying works. 99% of the things I worry about don't happen." :)

  11. Remaining hopeful can replace all the unnecessary worryings. If there's no workable solution, I refuse to tolerate it. Thanks for you beautiful post as always.

  12. secret worries. stored up. Hard to battle, and so on-going....why'd we have these kids anyway?? Glad we have this as one of our forums to open up about these things and connect with each other!

  13. Beautifully written!


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