Friday, November 18, 2011

Own Our Story

Each and every day we write
Without paper or the written word.
Our lives become our sacred stories
and we alone are the author.

Filling our moments with mindless busyness...
Living our days in a fog...
Being unaware of all our moments...
Makes our beloved stories one dimensional.

For our story to be vivid
We must live fully, purposefully, prayerfully.
Listen to forgiveness, unleash our joy
Ask for that which we need
Without apology, embarrassment, or over explanation.
Give freely, joyously, without any reservation
Or the giving is in vain.

Have courage and share our hearts.
Laugh uproariously, smile with our eyes.
Be authentic in all we do.

Remembering that every story worth reading
Must contain both joy and sorrow.
The shadows that will sometimes cover
Twist... turn...then explode with light.

Each and every story is different
Unique to the person who writes.
So comparisons are pointless and fruitless.
For our OUR story.
No one else can write it.
No one else can live it.

Today as I wake and wander
I anchor myself with the belief
That awareness coupled with abiding faith
Will help my story come alive
With a sense of wonder and awe.

On this day I will choose
To own my captivating, precious story.

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  1. Wow, beautifully put and so true! Happy Friday! I hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend!

  2. I love the images. Especially, "Twist...turn...then explode with light. I definitely know about those explosions...

    Oh, and it is always nice to see people smiling with their eyes:)

  3. Love these lines...Today as I wake and wander
    I anchor myself with the belief
    That awareness coupled with abiding faith
    Will help my story come alive
    With a sense of wonder and awe.

  4. Beautiful. I love the lines about shadows exploding into

  5. And it will captivate!

    I often wonder how the story I'm living now will translate into the stories of my kids' childhoods. Will their versions read like the one I remember, or will my remembered story emphasize different things than their retellings?

    Life is a story, and it's ever-changing, certainly. :)

  6. How about adding "poet" to your profile. Every time I read your post it's like I'm reading poetry. So flowing and touching. So beautiful as life is beautiful and joyful (unleash our joy) Have a great weekend.

  7. nice...we write daily wether we pick up a pen or not...and choose the plat and characters, some days not...but how we choose to respond to them for sure...i think if we were more intentional in how we write it what a world it would be...

  8. Beautiful, thought-provoking meditation, and oh,so true. Our lives are our sacred stories!

  9. Very true, we are constantly writing whether we mean to or not. Sometimes we may blither on and write a whole lot..haha

  10. exquisite writing Kristi...that first verse alone would have been enough for me! Beautiful!

  11. I am inspired - your verse is very uplifting.


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