Friday, October 7, 2011

Snow Run

Frozen feathers...downy soft yet crisply cold.
Transforming sidewalks and lawns into iced meringue...smooth without a blemish.

My furry friend's nose pressed against the window...mine also there... just a bit higher.
I reach for the leash..seeing her begin her dance without me even uttering w-a-l-k.

My eyes scan the room...sticky dishes, mountains of darks needing to be fluffed and folded.
My ears hear the dispute...the teenage squabbles rising above the blasting song of the week.

The inner chaos of home in sharp contrast to the outer peace waiting beyond the pane.
Soft brown eyes meet my baby blues...longing, loyalty and trust.

I slip into the thick jacket, mismatched mittens, and last year's snow boots.
My partner in crime needs nothing but her silky golden coat.

One more glance at the lived in home.
The scuff marks, the disarray of five lives lovingly intertwined. 

The two of us slip into the sharp cold and we run....footprints painting an abstract in the snow.
Experiencing the best kind of freedom.

Knowing the golden light spilling from the windows will welcome us home.
Just not yet.

This week we asked you to take us somewhere. Where was up to you -fiction or creative nonfiction- but we asked you to use your words to paint the setting as vividly as possible. In 200 words.
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  1. This is beautiful!! I can very much relate to the chaos of inside and the peacefulness of the run. Great job!!

  2. The snow makes everything more quiet, and to escape into that can be very cleansing for the snow!

  3. This so makes me miss the snow, and the snow does make everything quieter.

    You had me at: "Transforming sidewalks and lawns into iced meringue...smooth without a blemish."

    I am so happy I stopped by your site.

  4. I love the iced meringue imagery. Beautiful!

  5. The dissaray of five lives lovingly intertwined ~ great descriptive phrase. You brought me right into the heart of this moment.

  6. This is wonderful, Kristi :)

  7. Oh I like this a lot. Engaging descriptions; it made me feel cold!

  8. Oh, this gave me chills! I was there with you. So glad you found me so I could find you :)


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