Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let Your Light Shine

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. Nelson Mandela

 This quote and this picture came together and made sense for me today.
The quote is talking about shining...
letting yourself shine...
and I've always had difficulty with that particular phrase.
I believe it... I embrace it... but I don't always live it.

This photo is one my husband snapped of me in NYC about 18 months ago.
I love the way the different lights of Madison Ave. shine.
I remember how wonderful I felt at that time of my life. 
I was at my best mentally, physically, and emotionally.
I am not there now.

This quote spoke to me today.
The photo, especially the way the one light shines and highlights my head, spoke to me.
Maybe in a very small way God spoke to me.

Maybe He's reminding my that humbleness is a virtue...
but to humble myself
to the point where I meet countless other's needs but ignore my own,
is not what He desires.
To hide my "light" because I'm afraid of what others think
is not what He desires of me.
 When I do that I'm not being the person He truly created me to be...
and the people who are around me may not allow themselves to shine either.

I know in my heart what I need to do in order to shine.
I know that my physical self needs to be put back in balance.
I've lost my belief that I can do that.
This quote and photo reestablished that belief.

Late in life I'm learning that it isn't vain to shine.
God doesn't smile when I forget to take care of myself.
He placed a light inside me.
It can be a invitation for others to shine brightly.
Shine for Him.

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  1. Beautiful quote and pic! Love this post.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Oh, Kristi, I have missed you and your writing! It always inspires and lifts me. It helps me to see that there are others out there that are stumbling while walking. If we all stick together in prayer, the Lord will shine His light through all of us, for all of us, so that we may lift and love each other. May you let your light shine for Him, so that I may see it, too! Blessings!

  3. Your light shines through your writing. Brightly. It's amazing how hard it can be to care for ourselves. My head learned this lesson long ago ~ my life style hasn't nearly caught up with my understanding. Sooooo good to have you back!! I knew I missed you, but didn't know just how much!

  4. Love Love Love you and your words they inspire e every single day !!!

  5. Isn't it crazy how our minds can sabotage our thinking? We talk ourselves out of our worth and value ... so important to be in sync with God so that we see His truth about us.

    Thanks for visiting Snapshots!

  6. Lovely photo! It is easy to forget that we all are perfect as we are and at the exact place we are supposed to be. And I don't think you need to do anything to shine, that is something everyone does all the time. Just like the rays of the sun. :-)

  7. Great article and very moving photo!

  8. Beautifully stated.


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