Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Not?

A rule follower all my life.
Coloring within the lines drawn before.
Happily conforming myself...fitting the mold
That was formed, fired and set
By the ones who traveled first.

Happiness was found, contentment there too.
I like coloring neatly and precisely.
Yet need I do it always?
Do I have to keep myself
Limited to what I already know?

Aging has brought wisdom and questions.
Now when faced with a choice
Instead of saying I can not
I choose to say... why not?

Create a blog out of nothing?
I just asked myself...why not?
Sleep in till noon on Monday?
I will ask myself... why not?

Running my first 10 mile race
When I was 44 years old?
I chose to say... why not?

Loving wholeheartedly? Dancing in living rooms?
Eating french fries under the covers?
I delight in saying... why not?

My kids reaching for their dreams?
Kissing my husband in the rain?
I will always say...why not?

Living a life full of intention?
Breathing the joy of being alive?
Letting the love of God flow
Through the minutes and the hours?
I must always say...why not?      
Inspired by the words~ Why not?


  1. Welcome back to blogging! Great job, I loved this post!

  2. Yes - why not indeed! (eating french fries under the covers - lol...awesome!)

  3. Yes, yes yes! Let us let the love of God flow through us!! We do need to open ourselves up to that.

    And, I'm with Mel, french fries under the covers is AWESOME!!

  4. Love this ~ you're inspiring us to stay open to all the wonderful things we can grab in life!

  5. Lovely poem! I like how you turn "why not" into such a positive question. Actually the entire poem was very upbeat and fun to read. Very nice job! :p

  6. LOVE this. Why not continue writing, sharing? It's a wonderful thing to inspire those who pass through your pages.

    And fries under covers? OOH, feels like sneaky fun.

  7. Great post, love to see you back. I missed you :),

  8. 'Why not' brings awesome possibility!
    This is such an encouraging post. :)

  9. I admire your motivation it is inspirational :)

    Short Poems

  10. I love this. I asked myself why not run a marathon, and tomorrow I shall! Lovely post.


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