Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Learned This Week

This afternoon I was clicking on different blogs, and I found Julie. I loved the idea of her "What I Learned This Week Carnival".  Thought I'd play along because random listing appealed to me today. Go check her out!  (But maybe say hi to me before you leave.  I could use a hi!)

* The snow will melt eventually. Actually, I relearned that.  I have to relearn it every March ( or May since we're in MI) because during the loooong winter I forget.

* Having friends over....sharing laughter, prayer, music, and food leaves a feeling of goodness and light in our home. ....long after they leave.

* Letting go of control especially when it comes to teenagers can be sanity saving.  I had a wonderful Saturday afternoon with my 18 year old son.  I just enjoyed him for who he is right now ...not for who he used to be or who I pray he will become.  Reminding myself that he is writing his own life story, and I can't write it for him, freed me from that need to control help.  Laughter, great conversation, and chili cheese fries...a winning combination.

*Beanbag beans from a broken beanbag are a nightmare to clean up.

*I'm obsessed with the show Parenthood.  I had an actual moment of mourning when it wasn't on last night.  My friend and I sat in front of the tv and just stared in sorrow.

*Giving and receiving comments on a blog can be addictive.

*Sometimes there is dog poop under all the glistening white snow.  Life is like that.

*I need more discipline when it comes to many things. This week I was going to start writing my list of blessings inspired by the book One Thousand Gifts.  I only made it to #11....not because I don't have them but I find too many excuses not to write them down.

* I can ramble on and on and on while I'm writing.  So, this is me ....being quiet now.


  1. Hi :) does this mean that I am feeding an addict? Lol

  2. Ahh this is a cool idea! I love Parenthood too and am sad that Crosby cheated on! My friend just told me about 1000 gifts and I need to read it! and reading about your son makes me want to cry, mine is only one right now. I can't imagine how tough those days will be! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog..I am following you back so we can be friends for sure!

  3. I LOVE Parenthood too! I was also so sad and disappointed it wasn't on!

    And as for the comment addiction... aren't we all? :)

  4. Kristi, “what I learned this week” was a joy to read. So from-the-heart and beautifully written. Your style is soothing (must be your spirit shining through the writing) and inspiring.

    The simple pleasures in life are always the best… like that TV show…. the hope of spring…. friends and laughter… enjoying your son for who he is right now, and not was he was or what you wish him to be(beautiful sentiment)…
    ~ Debra

  5. LOVE Parenthood!

    Beanbag beans, UGH is all I have to say!

  6. I love Parenthood too, even Crosby and his bad decisions!


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