Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Picture Envy: It's Official

As I was blog hopping this morning, checking out all the ones I follow, I finally admitted to defeat.  I've been battling the feeling for weeks, and today I just decided to come clean. Admit I have a problem.
Picture envy.

I know... I know...that envy is not a good thing in any form.  Yet, as I scroll through these blogs I feel like a flat-chested 12 year old at the bra store. 
I know it will happen eventually but I want it now!
It's a nice envy, friends.  I'm glad your pictures are so beautiful, fun, crisp, clear, and...
heck, I'm just glad you HAVE pictures on your blog.

I'm starting to feel as if I'm in the Witness Protection Program.  I'm the blogger without a face.  The one that shows up in your Following list with an anonymous chalk outline for my profile pic.
 The one that's just a little bit creepy.

am going to have pictures!  Really, and truly, and cross my heart.  I just need my husband to be home long enough to help me figure out this new program installation, printer, and such. 
He seems to think it's more important that he's earning a living.  Hmmm....go figure!
Seriously, he does want to help me.  Our goal is this weekend.

Until then, I'll keep on being the creeper soaking up  inspiration from all of your lovely photos.
I'll try to keep the envy to a minimum.
Picture Envy. 
Who would've known?

Be blessed~

PS  Big thanks to those of you who stop by, "see" me (so to speak), even leave a comment or two and never mention my flat-chested picture-less state! :)


  1. No fear, I am sure your hubby will help you as soon as he can. I think you are doing great pictures or no pictures. :)

  2. Ha ha! It's only a matter of time before you make PRO picture status! Thanks for linking up!


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