Friday, February 25, 2011

Well As Myself

I had a teacher who led
and guided me back into myself.
A forgotten place...dusty and dark
Lost among the rooms of obligation
That come with loving others more
Than I dared to love myself.

Smiling through my days, grateful heart
Wonderful husband, beautiful kids, loyal dog.
Pouring all I could on them
For that's what good women do.
Thanked with kisses, kindness, and love.
Never questioning why I felt unwell
The sadness lurking behind my mask.

She taught me to love them freely
Joyously, passionately, with that grateful heart.
Yet, look inward, find the girl
I was once ~ all those dreams.
Turning my compassionate heart inward too
Filling my soul with the belief
I'm enough...just as I am.

~inspired by Six Word Fridays: Making Things Up~  Word for the week was "well".


  1. Powerful! So easy to lose ourselves when we are taking care of others-so good to find the way!

  2. it is hardest to look inward
    while so much is pushed outward.

    you were lucky for that teacher!

  3. Wow. A teacher like that is hard to find. I love the name of your blog and the intimacy that you put into your writing. I'm glad that you joined the Six Word community. We're a dedicated group.

  4. it is so hard to put ourselves first.

  5. Rediscovering those early dreams is such a great way to feel "well" again!

  6. This reminds me of the famous quote "when the student is ready, the teacher appears". This journey back into the self can be treacherous but oh so fulfilling; I enjoyed reading how well you learned from your teacher.

  7. How wonderful to have a teacher to guide you through your journey back to your self. "Turning my compassionate heart inward too" - yes indeed. We all need to remember to nurture our own growth.


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