Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Beauty of Each Moment

Whoop Whoop!!  I'm excited!
When I started reading One Thousand Gifts yesterday I thought I'd be reading it
Which is fine....that's how I usually read.
But then this morning as I was checking the blogs I follow I realized that (in)courage has an
book discussion going!
And the cool thing is that the author, Ann Voskamp, is part of it.
Listening to her and the other women discuss her words..her lessons learned....has made the book come
for me.
I have read, underlined, written, starred, and "heart-ed" my way through the first 3 chapters already.
The book club is on chapter 8....but that's ok.
I'm just going back to the older posts and proceeding at my own speed.
So now I don't feel so
So now God is able to speak to my heart, not only through the beautifully written words,
also through the laughter-producing, tear-jerking video clips and posts.
I feel as if I have just made some new friends to journey
along with...
so with that said...

One Thousand Gifts
1. a beautiful book speaking words of grace, thanksgiving and joy

How about you? Are any of you out there taking part in this wonderful journey? Let me know....  :)

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