Friday, January 3, 2014

The Overwhelmed Battle

The third day of the year
My mind already can feel overwhelmed.
Deadlines at work, messiness at home
Slippery snowy roads yet responsibilities call.
My mind slips easily into overwhelmed.

Yet my heart can hear differently.
My heart says, "Yes, you're overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed with the love of Him.
Engulfed by His still amazing grace.
Submerged in His peace and joy."

To focus on the mind overwhelmed
To focus on the heart overwhelmed
The choice, as always, is mine.

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  1. Oh, I am avoiding the reality of the overwhelmed. Helping my mom move from one apartment to another tomorrow...and she's not easy for me. So I've left my house in Christmas mode because it's so soothing. And I can pretend I'm still in slow, holiday mode! Next week I'll have to sit up and face the clean up and the full week back at work. In the mean time I'm choosing "one hurdle at a time" - getting my mom moved and then facing reality!!

  2. This time of the year always stresses me out. Maybe it's just getting back to the day to day and out of holiday mode.

  3. Hi Kristi! I so adore your focus on choice and, as always, light. So nice to "see" you again! Happy New Year -- here's to so much goodness and chances to breathe in 2014!


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