Friday, January 3, 2014

Fight: Five Minute Friday Attempt

Even the word makes my stomach clench tight, and the anxiety tiptoe in...well, more like elephant stomp my head.  I have always disliked conflict.  I know some people thrive on it...grow from it...and use it to keep their blood pumping and reactions sharp.  

Me? Not so much! I like the warm embraces, the snuggling in and holding tight, the smiley voices not the angry voices.
Yet, I realize that there are times that a fight is necessary. There are things and people that are worth defending.  There are times that to just retreat would mean harm to myself. 

So I've tried to remember that it's not the fight that is wrong. It's the way in which we fight that can rip our hearts and leave us bloodied on the side of life's road.

Fight fair is often overused ... a cliche for many because when your emotions are stirred up who always thinks of fairness. But I have found if I pause before I react and think~ 
"Will this comment hurt more than heal?" ~
I have less regrets after the fight is fought and kisses are bestowed.  

*First time linking up to Five Minute Friday and all I can say is WOW! I never realized how fast five minutes go and how hard it is to publish a post that feels as if I've stopped in the middle...well, at the very least not wrapped it up.  But...rules must be followed so I'll dare greatly and post this unedited, unfinished, & unsatisfying attempt...and embrace the fact that I tried something new.  As Martha Stewart would say "That's a good thing!" 


  1. Hi Kristi, I really enjoyed your post. I can see why mine resonated with you.

  2. oh AMEN! Nodding through all of your words. Bless you!

  3. Pause before reacting... Ah, now that's the hard part and yet the most important. You've given me some things to reflect on.

  4. Really enjoyed finding your post via Five Minute Friday. It was so hard to limit to those five minutes wasn't it?? My first time too and I can't wait for the next prompt. Glad I found yours!

  5. Loved how you worded this: "It's the way in which we fight that can rip our hearts and leave us bloodied on the side of life's road."

    So true! This sentence was breathtaking in content and words.
    Welcome to FMF

  6. Such a great post. I love your words.


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