Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stories in the City

"Our similarities bring us to common ground;
Our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other."
~Tom Robbins

I walked the streets of Chicago yesterday and found myself looking at
Fascinated by the differences.
Smooth, unblemished , creases and freckles.
Made up to perfection and worn, wrinkled tiredness
Skin of varying hues and hair of every color and style framing them.

I walked the streets of Chicago yesterday and found myself looking at
Curious as to why each of us were there.
Some with determination in their stride, Blackberries in hand,
strain on their faces.
Some with lightness in their stride, shopping bags in hand,
joy and laughter on their faces.
Some with no stride at all, curled in doorways
with cardboard signs, nothing in hand,
weariness and resignation in their faces.

I found myself wanting to stop...
wanting to talk...
but most of all wanting to listen.
To really hear their stories
for we all have a story to tell.
The hundreds, maybe thousands of people, I passed have a story
Full of places, people, trials and joys.

We all have a story and in that alone we are similar.
It's the details, the differences that make us unique...
that fascinate.
The contrast between a woman, alone, buying a $1200 coat
while a man, alone, sits outside praying for a meal.
Knowing that they both had a mother who brought them into this world.
Knowing that they both were children who laughed and dreamed.
Knowing they both have a compilation of small stories that
make up the big story of their life.
I wonder what made the differences appear...
what details make each of them unique...
what events and choices brought them to this place.

The similarities...the differences...
the fascination. 

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**All images are from Google Image Search.  None of these are my photos and I would give credit to photographers if I knew how to do that**


  1. A beautiful post, Kristi. We all have a story. Can you imagine what would happen to our hearts if all stood still, for a moment, and listened to the life story of the person next to us? Wow! The compassion, richness and selflessness that would seize our hearts and minds would be overwhelmingly beautiful.

    P.S. Don't worry about me, too much. The Lord is with me and I am always at the hem of His garment, when I am not being stubborn:-) Be blessed and know that I am "well-kept" by HIM.

  2. I do this with lots of lit up gazing out and thinking that each window represents a person, a family...a story! Love the quote, the sensitivity...the post!

  3. Love the quote. People watching always fascinates me too, and I too find myself wanting to know everyones "story". It always amazes me how much is going on outside our little lives :) Happy Sunday!

  4. What an amazing post Kristi! Like Adrienne I love gazing out at windows and thinking about the life that happens there.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love the quote, and even more your story behind the story, your adventure in Chicago detailed so richly! Thanks for sharing and linking up :)


  6. Sometimes I'm too wrapped up in my own life stories that I don't have time for others. How wonderful it would be if we could learn and know about eatch other's life stories. Thank you for such a lovely post.

  7. I grew up outside of Chicago and was back there a few weeks ago. The faces of Chicago are like the faces of nowhere else. I could walk for hours, just drinking it all in. Absorbing it. Becoming part of it.


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