Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The newborn...
 who spent the first 2 weeks of her life in NICU.
The infant...
 who would snuggle tightly to mommy and daddy..
and ONLY mommy and daddy.
The toddler...
 who would tearfully turn her face if anyone gazed at her too long.
The preschooler...
 who struggled to speak to anyone other than her beloved family.
The grade schooler...
 who would not take any lesson if it involved getting on a stage.
Now the middle schooler..
who is glowing....shining.
This one is for you, Sweetheart!



  1. Such a great photo and beautiful words! - Jen

  2. AMAZING! Look at that sunny, smiling face! She must have received all the positive reinforcement and security she needed to fill her up so she could share her strength with her world!

  3. What a great picture! How amazing to see such a transformation!

  4. From caring comes courage.

    -- Lao Tzu

    Got this in my daily quote email and it brought me back to your post!

  5. Oh, I love that! My younger son has been just like that and it's so fun to watch the awesome person they're becoming.

  6. awww, she looks so happy! Thanks for sharing, your words are a beautiful addition to your photo. It's good to see especially since I'm struggling with a preschooler who is extremely shy in school.

  7. such a sweet post, great picture :)

  8. This brought a tear to my eye. What a beauty. Thank you for sharing this lovely photo and post and linking up this week!

  9. What a lovely tribute to your daughter with an equally lovely photo! I think back to the times my children were this age, and I want to cry. They grow up so fast!


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