Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weary and Wine

I've been feeling a bit weary lately. I think it's due to the fact that I'm back working full-time outside the home while still trying to work full-time inside the home.  My hubby has had to travel for work more than ever and has been gone most weekdays and weekends.  I miss his presence...the strong hugs, the smile at just the right moment, the sound of him breathing next to me in bed.  Although I adore our golden retriever, and am thankful to have her company, it's not quite the same hearing her sprawled out on his side of the bed.

We had small church group at our home last night, and although I don't feel a great burst of energy, I do feel a sense of peace.  I love the feeling of our close friends gathered together to share the Gospel, prayer, heartfelt discussions, laughter and, ultimately, snacks.  There is a glow they leave behind that is hard to explain. I can only say it must be the Holy Spirit.

So tonight, as I sit in the same room where our hearts and souls all opened last night, I will rememberer that everyone gets weary at times.  Even Jesus needed to withdraw at times in order to pray and rest.  I am in no means comparing myself to the Lord.....I just like the knowledge that even He had his moments!

I read this post tonight on ayala's blog, a sun kissed life, that soothed me. So....

For tonight I'm going to be kind to myself. 
For tonight I'm going to not focus on the new wrinkles, gray hair, and extra pounds that are on my body.
For tonight I'm going to be compassionate towards myself...not only to others.
For tonight I'm going to open my front door to a dear friend,
pour us both a glass of wine (maybe even two!),
and share the lighthearted joy of watching our favorite show "Parenthood".
Some nights that is more than enough.

How is your night going, friends?  Are you being kind to yourself?


  1. Watching Parenthood.

    Heading to my small discussion group tomorrow night. We've been reading The Prodigal God ~ a gentle book with wonderful insight into Jesus' parable.

    Weary cause I'm not speaking to my mom at the moment. And though there are boundary reasons for that, it's still very wearying. And my tv watching buddy moved across the country 18 months ago. She's happy ~ it's better for her...but missing her is wearying.

    So, I wrote a blog post tonight. And visited yours! And I'm watching parenthood. And headed off for a good night's sleep.

    Sleep well.

  2. Good wine and good friends can at times be a magical combination. My husband travels a lot for work too so I understand how empty a bed can feel!

  3. Kristi, thank you for the shout out. I am happy to hear that you found some peace last night. I am honored that my poem moved you. Sometimes we have to go easy on ourselves. We are our own worst critics. So have a blessed day!!xo

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