Friday, March 25, 2011

Go My Child

Go brush your teeth and floss.
Go pack lunch, go to school.
Go help your brother pick up.
Go get your shoes and coat,
Go to church on Sunday morning.
Go feed and water the dog.
Go clean your room right now!
Go help your sister with math.
Go wash your hands (with soap).
Go take the garbage out tonight.
Go clear the table and load.
Go say prayers, go to bed.

I'm not that blunt each day
When I tell you to go.
I say please and thank you
But the message sounds the same.

Saying go do a million things
Chores to complete and finish quick
But did I say clearly that
Some "go's" are more

Go kiss your dad, squeeze tight.
Go laugh with crazy joyous zeal
Go walk confidently into the world
Go read a book for pleasure
Go travel far within the pages
Go stare at stars in amazement
Go hug your sister and brother
Go tell Papa a good joke.
Go give Grammy lots of loving.
Go help the ones who stumble.
Go eat fries by the lake.
Go blow big bubbles just because.

Go far into the world,child.
Go have adventures by the mile.
Please return and share your journey
With your mom who prays daily
That life for you is filled
With all the love I held
The first day I held you.

Inspired by:   Six Word Fridays~ word of the week is "go"


  1. Hey Kristi, you're very talented. You truly know your way with the words:) Glad I found you! I am now following you thanks to Friend Finding Fridays, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
    Also today we have the coolest blog hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday, where you can meet lots of friends and have a great time:) See you there!
    Happy Friday

  2. Kristi, I hope you are feeling better. This is lovely. I love the ending. We want them to go and have the adventures but then we wait for them with open arms, to return and share with us :)

  3. "Please return and share your journey." I really enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. How sweet. I'm so glad you found my3littlebirds! Thanks for visiting earlier.

  5. I love it. As a mom of two small boys, this resonates in so many ways. It's hard to remember that life isn't just 'doing' by actually living.

  6. Go and do likewise, He said.
    Didn't He always sum it up?

  7. I love this. Its such a beautiful reminder that childhood should be light and fun and loving. Your writing is beautiful.

  8. Go, and always return in love.
    A wise mama's wish and prayer!

  9. Go far into the world,child.
    Go have adventures by the mile.
    even when the world is the edge of the front yard, take the mile when given an inch.

  10. Kristi, now I'm all teary-eyed from reading your post! Lovely. It's what I hope for my daughter too.

  11. Going forth into the world filled with awe and wonder and returning to share that awe and wonder with the ones who love you the most. So beautiful, Kristi!

  12. Lovely poem! Lovely blog!
    I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
    Hope you can hop by and follow me:

  13. A beautiful expression of love that speaks for mothers everywhere.... wonderfully done!!

  14. Kristi! I'm so glad that you found me through Helene...this is absolutely beautiful and made me cry. Sigh. Good crying, though - happy, joyous, I-don't-want-my-kids-to-grow-up-now crying :)

    Every Saturday I do a post with my fave posts I found throughout the week - this will be on it next Saturday.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  15. Beautifully written. I so understand the words as I am a mother of 3 young children. Too often I bark orders! I'm a new follower via the blog hop
    I'm actually hosting my very FIRST blog hop and looking for fellow bloggers to support me in this scary new adventure! Hope you can drop by and enter!

  16. Absolutely wonderful! Kristi, you are the winner of the Love and Cover bookmark. Let me know where to send your bookmark. Many blessings! Cynthia

  17. Love your blog. Following you from blog hop.. I'm Opal from, hope you can check it out sometime.. :D

  18. OK - seriously I never realized how often a parent says "go...". It is the classic way. ANd I'm reminded that the first thing Our Lord did after just about every miracle was to tell the person he did the miracle for to "go". Go tell the leaders, go meal. Interesting. Hmmmmm. Blog fodder perhaps...

    God bless and keep you and yours

  19. Beautifully written! Happy to be your newest follower. You an follow me back at

  20. just gorgeous!!!! wow, just a beautiful ode to your children. so glad I found your through Mommy of a Monster and Twins. A Favorite for sure.


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