Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...and the Oscar....I mean the Good Egg Award...goes to...

Wow! My first blog award....I feel as if I should be wearing a gown, and I don't mean nightgown, for  my acceptance.

Barbara, from Footprints in the Sand, was gracious enough to honor me.  In a week where I'm feeling more like a scrambled egg than a good egg, this gesture made me smile. Thank you so much!
She has an awesome blog about being an American girl living in France.  It's great fun experiencing life through her eyes. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!

As for the rules:

1.  Thank & link back to the person who gave me this award
2. Share 7 things about myself
3. Award other bloggers
4. Contact these blogs and tell them about the award

Now on to the exciting part;  7 things about me, whether you wanted to know them or not:

* I live in the same little town I grew up in after years of living elsewhere.  As Bon Jovi sings, "Who says
   you can't go home?" My parents live here so right choice. Hands down.

*I have one wonderful husband, three lovable/exhausting teenagers, and one loyal Golden Retriever
  named Winnie.  Having a dog while raising teenagers is awesome because at least someone
  is happy when I walk in the door.  (heard that quote somewhere....loved it!)

*I used to teach elementary school until our second son was born.  Now I substitute, often long-term, in
  our local schools.  Perfect job for me....flexible and fun.

*My husband and I moved to Switzerland with our 3 children when they were 5, 3, and 5 months old.
  Lived there for 4 years....loved all our experiences. Well...most of them.

*I love a good glass of wine.  Who am I kidding? I love a bad glass of wine! I'm not picky.

*I dip my french fries in sour cream.

*I love having a good discussion about anything...books, psychology, faith, writing, traveling, family or
  sex...not in that particular order.

I'm a little nervous about the tagging part. I don't want it to be like a chain letter where you feel guilty if you don't respond because you'll have bad luck or horrendous menstrual cramps for 7 years.

So here's my disclaimer: 

Girls, I'm giving this award to you because I love your blog, your style, and your graciousness in welcoming me into this blogging world.  No strings attached.
 If you want to pass it on...awesome!  If you don't ....awesome! 
 I would still invite you over for that wine!

.....and the Good Egg Award goes to..... (drum roll please!)

~Galit Breen @ These Little Waves

Thanks girls for being so kind, encouraging and funny.  I hope you're dressed better than I was when you accept this honor.
Now...back to bed! 

P.S.  I have no idea why some of my sentences skipped midway through to another line.  Sorry if it's confusing....don't have the oomph to figure it out now. 
Proof that I really am "scrambled" this week!


  1. I was literally LOL when i read the line about the wine! I think we're kindred spirts! ;)

  2. New follower via blog hop. Hope you will follow me too @

  3. Congrats on the award!
    We used to have a golden retriever. He died from cancer, but he was the sweetest dog and I still miss him!

  4. Congrats! New follower hope you will follow back!,

  5. Oh sweetie! Thank you- that was ever so nice of you!

    It means a lot to me. You know that, right?

    *Clink* XO

  6. I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond to your sweet offering. Your award was a nice bright spot in my crazy day yesterday. Thanks!!

  7. Oh and I'm glad its not like a chain letter ;)

  8. how fun to learn more about you-jealous of your adventures in switzerland, love wine too, and i dip my french fries in blue cheese dressing!

    i so, so, so appreciate your kind words on my blog last week. i hope to be back to blogging-i'm feeling inspired to catalogue some new purchases!


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