Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joy and Powder

To see someone lit up from within because they are doing something they love is a beautiful thing!
I should say to see someone text as if they are lit up from within...that would be a more accurate assessment.
My husband, Denny, decided to take our son, who is a senior in high school, to Colorado for a long weekend.
I have been receiving short texts that just radiate joy!
Both my "boys" love to snowboard
so this has been a perfect few days for them.
Sun, snow, and mountains to conquer.
I love the whole idea of it
Cam soaring high

Denny flying a little lower...but still flying!

Denny taught our son how to ski when we lived in Switzerland
then progressed to boarding as Cam hit the teen years.
Teen years can be wonderful and difficult all at the same time..\
they can be both in the span of a hour!
Knowing they can set aside the issues that
occur during these teenage years is
such a delight for me.
Knowing they are experiencing what they both love
is such a delight for me.
Knowing they are together making memories that will last forever is such a delight for me.
Knowing that Denny is experiencing this with his
little boy who has become a man
is such a delight for me.
knowing that I can feel ALL of this from the
comfort of my favorite chair
with a glass of my favorite wine,
in front of a glowing fire,
is the
biggest delight of all!!!


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I lived in Colorado 6 years as a kid and loved it! I can't imagine my babies turning into teenagers, but I realize it's around the corner...

    I also love Mindy Gledhill and especially that song!

  2. Thanks Hailey1 As you can see this blog is so new....I haven't even told my friends and family about it. I want it a bit more "polished"....or at least have some photos so it's more personal. :)
    I just wanted to thank you for commenting! It's nice to have the first comment! :))


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