Monday, February 7, 2011

For One More Day

Life is like a hourglass...and my life as a mom has made that fact very evident.
Those days have slipped through the glass, and I can't flip it over to start again.

So when I found this video on itunes I fell in love.
Maybe it has to do with the fact that I've been feeling very nostalgic about my children.
And maybe THAT has to do with the fact that my babies are now teenagers.
And maybe the nostalgia is because it is so easy to look back at those times and remember the sweetness and light.....not the bitter and dark.

I remember the snuggles, the "butterfly" sandwiches, and how each of my babies had a special song that I sang just for them....and amazingly, back then, they thought I sang awesome! Ah, the naivety of youth.

I remember the nightly prayers, their unwavering belief in God & mommy and daddy, and how the lists of "God bless "so-and-so" would go on and on and on

Yes, I was guilty of wanting to sometimes hurry them along...
so desperate
 for some "me" time after the sheer physicality of caring for three little ones under 5 years of age.

Yet I think of them at 18, 16, and 13 years old I long to go back for just "one more day".
One more day of holding chubby hands, and giggling over
knock-knock jokes.
One more day of dandelion bouquets, dirty little cheeks just begging to be kissed, then washed, then kissed again.
One more day of Power Rangers, Barney, Winnie the Pooh, and Bear in the Big Blue House.

One more day of 2 adorable little guys and one beautiful princess all cuddled on my lap a litter of wiggly puppies.

My head tells me that one day I will look back at these days of "teenager-hood" ....
and I will long for "one more day"of this.
The empty Mountain Dew bottles and crumbled chip bags.
The conversations and connections made during 
late night hours.
The love that is tranforming into something new. 

Yet my heart, at least for today, longs for the innocence of those first years, the wonderment of all that we discovered, and the knowledge, that as their mommy,
 I could chase away anything scary by saying "Bad dreams go away...Good dreams come and stay."
For just one more day.....

Please listen to this


  1. So sweet...
    I came by today from TRDC.

  2. Very cool.. stopping by from TRDC

  3. This is so beautiful. And sad. And makes me just want to squeeze my babies. Tight. Thank you for sharing the clip and your reflections on it- both made me teary. But in the best possible way!

  4. As the father of three grown children, I know exactly how you feel. I often wish for another day with them when they were young. Continue to enjoy them now while they're still relatively young. One day, they'll be visiting you instead of living with you. Time truly does pass much too fast, like an hourglass.

  5. Very sweet.
    This was written from a full heart.

  6. I relate so well. My first is graduating this year, and my baby thinks she's old enough to graduate this year. Time can be such an enemy.


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