Friday, January 11, 2013

The Lifts Change

Can you lift me up high?
Lifting him up so his eyes
Can see the parade coming close.
Little legs dangling over Daddy's shoulders.
King of all that he sees
Just like Daddy, viewing the world.

Can you lift me up high?

Lifting her up so her lips
Can reach the drinking fountain water.
Or Santa's face...or Papa's cheek.
Up on to the kitchen counter
Just like Mommy, stirring the batter.

The years shift; the lifts change

Can you give me a lift?
Dropping off at the local mall
Where the gaggle of friends wait.
Ready to roam and to test
Her independnce in small tiny ways.
Knowing that I will return shortly
To give her a lift home.

Can you give me lift?
Dropping off at the distant university.
Where the dorms... roommates... professors... wait.
Ready to roam and to test
His knowledge... his boundaries... his freedom.
Knowing that when he returns home
He will be him... yet different.

The years shift; the lifts change

But the love remains the same.

Linking up to Six Word Fridays: Inspired by the word~ Lift


  1. oh my this makes me so happy!!!
    first - lovely write - got a few sighs out of me... those nostalgic sighs, to be sure! My boy finished up in no more school kids for me!
    MOSTLY - so happy to have you "back" ... still think of you every time I'm watching Parenthood!

    1. Isn't Parenthood great?! I think of you too! Only 2 more new episodes this season which makes me sad. It's a serious addiction of mine. :)

  2. Lovely poem, Kristi. Nice to see you back and by the way I am addicted to Parenthood too. :)

    1. See? There's the reason the 3 of us connected! :) Good to see you too ayala!

  3. Love your writing, Kristi! It is always heartwarming! I have a little one that will be leaving for college in a year and a half. He's a junior in high school, now. I guess he's not so little. Your prose touched my heart. I was so glad to hear from you, today! I can't wait for you to write about your word for the year. Many blessings!

  4. I really love that closing stanza! What a beautiful poem.

  5. Most mothers can or will be able to identify with these lifts. Very nicely expressed.


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