Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Butt Jeans

Here is my vain post.
The one I almost didn't write.
Yet, the one I think a few of you might identify with...deep down in your woman heart.

I'm struggling with my weight...which as we all know is struggling with things that are NOT my weight...but reveal themselves in weight.
You know what I mean?

Yesterday while shopping with my daughter for her confirmation dress I impulsively pulled a pair of jeans off the rack and headed to the check out. Yes...I did not try them on.  That's another part of my struggle.  Dressing room lighting and mirrors.  I prefer the soft, dim, fuzzy lighting in my own home.  If I don't like them, there's always return.

Dressed for a night with my friends I walk out for my 15 year old daughter's inspection.  She murmured the appropriate "I like that outfit.  Looks good Mom." but as I turned away I heard her voice again...a lot more enthusiasm in her tone.
"Hey! They make your butt look great!"

The magic words!
"They make your butt look great!"

Yes, I know that it is much more important what is in my heart.
I know that it is more important that I let Christ's spirit shine in my eyes and through my actions each day.
I know that beauty is only skin deep and that aging is a blessing and with it comes wisdom.

But I need to confess that I would like to know and do all of the above...while wearing my "good butt jeans"!

May I please have an "amen" of agreement from any of my other sister friends out there?!


  1. okay so even though we are supposed to be more concerned with showing God in our lives, there is nothing wrong with owning a good pair of pants. :)

  2. I'd go out and buy another pair or two. Do they come in other colors??!!!

  3. Even though beauty is supposed to come from the inside, it is still great to be acknowledged for external beauty as well


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