Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coloring with Freedom

Just Write....I love this link up! 
There's no topic to choose....just me and my words flowing out however I want.  That is such freedom! 
I love it....yet then I sit and ponder what I should write.
Thus, the dilemma.

I've learned that I like directions.  
I like to color within the lines. 
I'm happy to be the worker bee following along with whatever the queen bee dictates.
This is fine in some situations.  It's a quality that makes me a good team member. I'm easy to get along with because making waves is not what I do. 
And, hey, we can't all be the queens....those worker bees are pretty fantastic!

Yet, some days I know this characteristic holds me back, and too  much freedom paralyzes me sometimes. 
When I have a whole day ahead of me...and I know I have things to be done but I can choose when and how I do them?
Those are the days that I often accomplish the least.
Because there aren't any directions.
There are no lines for me to color I scribble all over and don't create much.
But it's not the lack of lines that is the problem.
It's the lack of faith I have in myself.

If I can take freedom and embrace it. 
Let it open my heart and split my spirit wide.
Let go of the ever present need to perform and please.
Draw my own lines to help me stay on track.
I know I could soar more....and embrace the power that I often forget I have within.

I'm finding it a bit easier to do this as I age.
Maybe that's God's way of making up for the sagging body and stray gray hairs.
He's allowing me to gain be more confident in the person He created me to be.
His grace is helping me realize that "who cares?" if my endeavors measure up to anyone else's.

Open up the big girl crayon box and color away...that's what I'm going to embrace today!

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  1. Great post, Kristi. I think you should follow your heart and do what makes you happy .

  2. Great post! I love the coloring analogy!


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