Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Night Adjustment

Curled up in my favorite chair I can hear the wind blowing outside.  Sipping on my glass of wine, reading my favorite blogs, and trying to stay focused on the blessings.

Sundays are a blessing onto themselves , yet I don't always appreciate them.  Today is one of those less appreciated Sundays.  I didn't take the time to rest.  I allowed myself to become entangled in worries, concerns and "what ifs.  I didn't allow myself to fall into the beauty of the day.

Reflecting on the weekend I realize that I was just not myself.  Not sure why, and in the end it may not really matter.  What does matter is that I was on edge,  full of worry, and short with the people I love the most.

I recognize this which I suppose is a good thing!  Yet, I don't want to lose what I have left of my Sunday to more of the same.  So I'm trying to do an attitude adjustment, and my blog can really help that process.  

As I type my thoughts I can feel the knots slowly unwinding.  I can feel myself relaxing my death grip on my worries.  I can feel myself start to breathe again.

I suppose I blog for many reasons.  Yet, this night I have only one reason.  I want to empty myself so I can be filled with whatever beauty the last moments of this Sunday wants to give me.  

It's a gift.
I need only accept it.
I hope that all of you have had a chance to embrace the beauty of this whatever form it came to you.


  1. Breathe...and allow yourself how you feel...gratitude is in your heart so that's a great start. :)

  2. You are human and we all feel like this at times...I have been super moody lately and I just found out it was because I am pregnant ha! So it put a whole new perspective on things.

    Great post! Thank you for being real

  3. Such a great post. I need to be more grateful everyday for all of the great things that have happened!

  4. Ahhh....Sundays. It's Wednesday as I read this, and I'm inspired to make sure that my next Sunday is the best it can be.

  5. Sigh... You have a tranquility in your writing that's just calming. Even when you're "entangled". Hope everything is ok now. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a blessed Wednesday.


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