Friday, March 11, 2011

Wonder? Really?

I wonder why this is hard?
Did I use all my words
In a week full of writing?
Discouragement finds me critical...of myself.
Write six words...only six words!
How hard can that be? Untalented!
Lacking! Stupid! Just give it up!
Stubbornness is a legacy from mom
So I sit defiantly and type.
Nothing profound, still hearing negative voice
Yet, the word sings within me.
Wonder is a wonder unto itself.
I wonder why I don't quit?
Because I know there's wonder surrounding.
Sparkling, beckoning, singing it's lyrical song.
Even when eyes don't see it.
Even when ears don't hear it.
Wonder is there, always and forever.
For truly, It's A Wonderful World.

(Yay! Stubbornness overcame lack of confidence.
Thank you, beautiful mom, for perseverance.
Now I'm returning to warm bed.
A snow day! Relaxation! Rest! Wonder.)

Inspired by:  Making Things Up~ Word of the week was "wonder".
                    6 Word Friday


  1. Kristi, I am glad you overcame your self doubt . You are hard on yourself when you shouldn't be. I am glad stubbornness won and wonder won as well. Enjoy your snow day filled with wonder.

  2. This was a wonderful post about overcoming writer's block. I was with you the whole way. Often times I struggle but feel that same singing within me, like I know I have some truth or beauty that needs to come forth. Thanks for putting that feeling into words for me.

  3. Wonderful! Keep writing and know that it is not about you, but, turn those thoughts to Him and your cup of words and writing will be overflowing with ideas, life and love. Be blessed! You ain't seen nothin' yet!

  4. and I think to myself -it's a wonderful world. good work on coming over the block :)

  5. This made me smile. I'm not the only one.
    Sometimes the block can be all comsuming. What a wonderful way to have overcome it.

  6. Amazing! You overcame your self doubt and block RIGHT there in front of us. Good job!

  7. I always have doubt when I write. When I say 'write' I mostly mean stare at a blank computer screen. :^) It feels great when you finally get over that hump.

  8. I think just like this... often.
    Glad you overcame your doubts today! :)

  9. Funny -- I had trouble with today's word too, and finally...gave up! Oh well, there's always next week!

  10. What a legacy your mom left you... let's call it persistence:)
    Just sitting down to write (even 6 little words) often gets the creative juices flowing.
    Beautifully written Kristi.
    ~ Debra

  11. Yay to stubborn perseverance! Your post is beautiful.


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