Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Although I really have to get out of this house and get some things done, I thought I'd join in on this Meet Me Monday Blog Hop.  I love meeting new bloggers so I thought this might be fun.  Nice simple questions that even my sleep deprived self can answer today.

1.  What jewelry do you wear 24/7?
       ~ My engagement and wedding rings are the only ones I never take off.

2.  Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
       ~Twirl it! Finally have the knack although no one would mistake me for an Italian!

3.  How many siblings do you have?
      ~ Two older brother Paul, and an older sister Karri. 

4.  Were you named after anyone?
      ~ No, my mom just loved the name Kristi Ann.  I later learned that Krisit means "follower of Christ" and Ann means "full of grace".  So....a follower of Christ who's full of grace?  NO pressure there!   Guess I'm thankful my son's names mean "crooked nose" and "teardrop/ raven".  No pressure for them.   My daughter's means "grace".  Hmmm...little pressure? 

5.  Coke or Pepsi?
      Used to be a Diet Coke addict but gave up all caffeinated beverages ~except green tea.

Wow...that's it?  Like I said, simple. I'm glad for simplicity today.~Meet Me Monday Blog Hop


  1. New follower here! Hope that you will follow back :)

  2. 1. What jewelry do you wear 24/7?
    ~ none-I wear my wedding ring and earrings every day, but take them off at night.

    2. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
    ~I kinda' stick my fork in and slurp;-)

    3. How many siblings do you have?
    ~ 2-a younger brother and sister

    4. Were you named after anyone?
    ~ No, just plain old Cynthia. But, I looked my name up and found out that some mythical moon goddess was named Cynthia. Oh, well!

    5. Coke or Pepsi?
    Like them both-prefer Coke.

    Many blessings! This was fun!

  3. I love what you did here-looks good Christi. The pictures are cool.

  4. Woops Kristi, I have a good friend that spells it with a c sorry :(

  5. Hilarious that that's what your boys' names mean. Hope you get some sleep soon!

  6. Good for you giving up caffienated beverages! Just dropping by to say hello! Thanks for visiting Peaceful Divas last week! Following you!

  7. I'm *always* thankful for simplicity!

    I twirl, rock the wedding bands and love looking into meanings of names a scary a lot.

    But the no caffeinated beverages thing? Ouch.

    Your space is looking ever cuter every time I visit! love it! XO

  8. The meaning of your son's names made me smile! Too cute! Stop by my blog and pick up an award I left for you!

  9. Hi Kristi!
    I am a new follower! Nice to meet you!

    I wear my engagement and wedding ring 24/7. I even sleep with them on.
    Hmmm I never really paid attention how I eat spaghetti...maybe slurp?
    I have 4 sisters no brothers...I am a middle child!
    I wasn't named after anyone..parents thought I would be a boy so really I was supposed to be named Neil!!

    That was fun! I hope you stop by and say hello some time!



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